Tips for taking care of your baby’s skin

Once the baby’s skin is in need of permanent care, her skin is sensitive and can become irritated

rash as a result of lack of attention, especially in the first months of life, so the mother should give time to pamper her baby’s skin daily to maintain it.

If you are a mother and want to take care of your newborn’s skin, use the tips provided by WebMD:

1. If you find the baby’s skin red around the diaper area,

this is evidence that the skin is irritated by the diaper that may be tight on it or remain moist for a long time, or use baby wipes containing harmful substances to the skin, and to avoid this must change the nappy frequently and ventilate the skin And wash it with warm water.

2. If a rash develops, review the family history of asthma, dermatitis, and allergies,

as these diseases can be passed on to infants by heredity, and appear as many red pills in the chest,

arms, elbows or behind the knees. Gentle soap on the skin with the need to see a doctor.

3 – If you notice the spread of a rash of scaly white or red color on the scalp of the baby’s

eyelids or sides of the nose or behind the ear or eyebrows, this is evidence of the increase in the proportion of oils in the skin, and should see a doctor for creams that prevent it.

4 – If you find small red or pink pills on the baby’s body,

specifically in the neck and armpits and folds of the skin and diaper area,

this is evidence that the baby’s skin does not get good ventilation,

and all you have to do is to make his clothes lose and avoid being in places with high temperatures.

5. Massage the baby’s skin from time to time, using oils useful for the skin such as olive oil or almond oil, but after heating the oils to moisturize the skin.

6 – should use warm water during bathing the baby’s,

because that cleans the skin of bacteria, and does not affect the skin dehydration.

7 – It is best to avoid soap until the child reaches his first year, so as not to harm his body from the material made and the immune system is still weak, which makes the degree of resistance to the effect of little

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