Tips for a quiet and healthy sleep for children

During their sleep, many children may experience several problems that prevent them from sleeping peacefully, including difficulty breathing and back pain.

In this article, Your Life Magazine reviews some healthy baby sleep tips to help your children sleep peacefully.

Sleep position

The children sleep when he grows up on the position he used to as a child, and this is what causes many times the children discomfort during sleep,

and medical studies in this matter that the mother to observe the position of the children during sleep and adjusted to become asleep on the back this position is the best way to help your children sleep healthy and away from breathing problems and bone pain.

the lid

For your children to sleep healthy and healthy, make sure that the child’s face is exposed and that the cover reaches only his shoulders, in order to ensure the safety of the child and breathe in a healthy and healthy way to help him sleep quietly.


The things that bother the child during his sleep are the same things that bother us, as the arrival of the child’s feet when sleeping on the bed to the end cause harassment during his sleep and does not enable him to sleep properly and healthy, so make sure that the children bed longer than the child some centimeters.

Bed location

Make sure your children’s crib is located in your room for the first six months of age.

You should also locate the crib so that it is not directly exposed to the air conditioner or the lighting of the room or window to protect the child from getting cold or anxious during sleep to enjoy a quiet and comfortable sleep.

Cotton clothes

You should make sure that the clothes your children wear during his sleep are cotton so as not to cause any skin problems that cause him to wake up and anxious.

Also, make sure that the cover of the children is made of cotton so as not to cause other types of fabrics to raise the temperature of the child during Sleeping which troubles him.

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