The thinnest child. causes and how to cure

child’s health is threatened and his physical and mental activities are less and it seems to be wasting.child

Therefore, mothers should be aware of the danger of thinness of the child as it threatens their health and affects them with a lot of diseases resulting from the weakened immune system, which affects puberty and the strength of the body.

So your life magazine gives you the reasons for the thinness of your child’s body and how to treat it.

the reasons:


When your child loses one of the important nutrients he needs, this makes him more vulnerable to extreme thinness, so the child’s nutrition must be integrated.

– Wrong eating habits: a child

Your child should not eat these unhelpful foods and replace healthy foods with them, damaging the diet and causing them to be thin.

The thinnest child. causes and how to cure

how to cure

– Genetic causes:

Genetic causes often play a major role in some diseases, including thinnest children.
– Childhood diseases:
The most famous are gland disorders that may lead to significant weight loss in a child.

– Medicines:

Taking certain medications that cause anorexia has a strong impact on your health.

– Psychological state:

The child’s exposure to bad psychological conditions such as stress and depression for a long time affects his appetite and stomach activity, which leads to exposure to excessive thinness.

– Methods of Treatment:

– Proper role models:

a is always looking for someone to set an example for them and imitate them without thinking, so parents have to be that way in their diet.

– Eating habits:

When you divide your child’s daily meals into three main meals and add some snacks between them, so it is better and advised by child nutrition experts to focus on eating vegetables, fruits, and all the necessary nutrients.

– doctor consultation:

You should consult a specialist if the  becomes eye-catching, and should be reviewed periodically to take height and weight frequently to maintain the normal and ideal weight,


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