Steps and tips to make your child socially successful

The researchers conclude that the child does not realize himself only when one year and a half years old, in the second half of the second year of life,

witnesses a qualitative leap on the mental level,

as it becomes able to identify itself,

When this happens, the changes radically, the must be educated and equipped to face life,

so we have to pay attention to education is from the young base on which to build the later stages of the child.

Your life magazine offers you the most important tips and steps to make your child socially successful.

Steps and tips to make your child socially successful

child socially successful

Make your confident

The child can distinguish from the looks of the mother and father if the looks of satisfaction or mockery, and the family must call her child with the names that he likes to be called out

respect his wishes and answer his questions even if they Trivial for you and enjoying his conversation,

you should also reward him if he did something well and explain to him his mistake if he made a mistake.

Like public parks, going out with your parents makes him a social figure, so to make your socially do not lock him in the house

restrict his freedom, but devote him to one day to go out with the family besides the times that you devote to your time, learn and feel your love and affection.

The is very affected by those around him

Especially with his father and mother, so make sure that you are social. With them.

Encourage your child

Encourage the child to interact socially with the adult people you meet during your daily life.

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