Safe natural alternatives to relieve teething pain in children

At the beginning of the teething pain, the mother suffers from attempts to calm her young,

who experiences some of the symptoms that cause him discomfort such as pain, fever, insomnia,

and nervousness, which drives him to constant crying.

To cope with teething pains and soothe your little one,

here are a range of tried and tested natural recipes.

Ice Packs:

One of the primitive recipes that have shown effective results in the soothing pain of teething in children ice packs, where it works to numb the gums and soothe inflammation.

Just place a small piece of ice on the gums.

You can freeze milk, soothing herbs, or fresh juices and use them on the teething area until the baby likes it. A clean cloth dampened with water can be placed in the radiator for several minutes,

and used to make compresses on the baby’s gums. This method is not preferred in winter.

Clove oil:

Clove oil is included in most analgesics and topical gums.

Clove oil is a natural anesthetic for dental pain.

All you have to do is dilute clove oil with water or olive oil and use a damp cotton pad to gently massage the baby’s gums for several seconds.


A teether is an effective way to soothe and distract teething pains.

Choose teasers with delightful colors to distract the baby, and make sure to boil them to kill bacteria and germs.

The teether presses the new tooth and the child feels comfortable.

A teether can be replaced with a piece of carrot or cucumber or fresh fruit pieces.

Vanilla Oil:

It is a great oil to soothe teething pain.

It also works to soothe colic and cramps.

With your fingertips, grease a little vanilla oil on the growing tooth.


One of the herbs that are characterized by multiple medical benefits,

it works to soothe the pain of teething, cramps,

and help to calm the baby and help him to sleep quietly.

Using a dropper, put some boiled chamomile on the baby’s gums,

or use iced chamomile tea cubes to make compresses for the child as mentioned above.


make sure to moisturize the lips of the child and the surrounding area so as not to be dehydrated due to increased secretion of saliva, and prefer to use natural oils such as almond oil, coconut oil.

If your child is experiencing increased pain accompanied by fever, consult your doctor to prescribe appropriate treatment.

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