Quick tips for taking care of your child teeth

It is known to all that the teeth are the primary teeth that grow in your child,

and so named for their appearance in the period of lactation, and these teeth have a role similar to those of adults, usually accompanied by the emergence of questions and inquiries about the most important factors caries,

and food and beverages that should be avoided and other questions.

So in this article, Madam gave you quick tips for taking care of your baby’s teeth:

– If the child ‘s milk age has decay, even if the date of his fall has not come, the doctor must put a mineral composition until the permanent age begins to appear.

– International medical organizations and associations of pediatric dentists recommend the need to go to the dental clinic with the emergence of deciduous teeth during the first year of life.

– Do not leave the bottle or pacifier in the child’s mouth for a long time, or left during sleep while in the mouth.

– Do not make it deals with a lot of sweets, especially adhering to the age of the wall.

– Clean your child ‘s teeth regularly after each meal,

so as not to accumulate foods in the mouth and between teeth, and it is possible to use a small soft brush intended for children, to clean them at least once before bedtime.

– When the child feels pain in his teeth should clean the area with water and salt,

then put cold compresses on the face of the pain, and give the child an appropriate dose of painkiller.

– Decaying some of the child’s teeth or removing them early may lead to significant problems and abnormalities of permanent teeth,

as well as the pain suffered by the child at this early age may lead to abstinence from food,

in addition to the psychological factor and the pressure on the child in the vicinity of his family or school Because of tooth decay or deformation, lose his self-confidence,

as well as the removal of the front teeth teeth early may lead to the child’s pronunciation of some of the letters in a way that goes wrong with him throughout the life.

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