Protecting the gums a child is necessary for healthy teeth

Teething an important stage in the life of the child and the life of the mother as well.

This stage may start with a high temperature of the child,

with your child unwillingness to eat and his mood turns into a bad situation, and constant crying,

which affects the mother’s condition and upside down her life.

Here are some important steps to help you take care of your child teeth and gums:

– Taking care of your child’s teeth and mouth starts from pregnancy, if during pregnancy you have gum infections or tooth decay, visit the dentist, where some infections can be transmitted to the fetus.

– Do not put your child spoon or pacifier (Tina) or play in your mouth and then in the mouth of your child, because this action transmits the germs and bacteria in your mouth to your baby’s mouth,

and then cause diseases and tooth decay.

– Do not leave a bottle of milk in the mouth of your asleep, or lying where this action causes damage to teeth and caries.

– Consult the pediatrician when gingivitis in the, where there is a prescription to relieve pain and relieve inflammation.

– Wipe the baby’s mouth and gums with a soft cloth after feeding, removes the sugars in milk,

which causes a long time in the baby’s mouth to decay teeth and gingivitis.

– Care of the gums and the teeth of the child and cleanliness helps to have teeth for the structure of sound, and strong permanent teeth later.

– Some children get used to sucking fingers.

– In the weaning phase, food containing vegetables helps to clean the teeth of the child,

where the fiber in the food helps.

– In the early stages of cognition help him to use the toothbrush for children and their own paste, so get used to dental care since childhood.


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