Poor appetite causes children sand treatment

Many mothers suffer from poor appetite, usually due to the children’s mental state and food susceptibility.

You should focus on the children’s mental state and its relationship to food to treat the child’s poor appetite,

draw the children’s attention to food by serving food differently. And highlight colors.

In this article, we give you reasons for your child’s poor appetite

what are the right ways to treat it?

Causes of poor appetite for child’s

– The children may need the attention of others and attention to him by refraining from eating to raise the anxiety of parents,

the child is aware of the anxiety of parents and recognizes that in times of nutrition receive the greatest attention and care is not happy at other times,

and resort to that means and waits for a meal Take advantage of them to draw the attention of others.

– Children usually resort to abstaining from food in sufficient quantities as a subconscious method of self-punishment. If the children are guilty,

he may be punished for leaving himself.

– A child who is psychologically and nervously often hates more food than normal children.

– Anger, sadness, loss of feeling of security or restriction of freedom and similar cases of emotion negatively affect the juices that work on digesting food,

as it affects the appetite of the child for food.

If the children are angry or lonely or most emotional in play or fear can not digest or represent food.
Methods of treatment: children

– The atmosphere in which your children is eating should be a pleasant atmosphere and the father and mother should refrain from quarreling or having some warm discussions while eating.

– Do not impose food harshly and strongly on your children, but leaves the child the freedom to choose the type and quantity of food to eat.

– You have to stop worrying, do not show the strong desire to have your child full appetite towards food.

– It is possible to direct your child to certain types of food, to provide him with small quantities of foods that he loves, and so there is a strong possibility and great that the child requests more varieties of food loved him and when the child gets used to demand more favorite dishes we can gradually introduce food dishes Which he had previously rejected and could lack him stories as a reward for eating.

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