Otitis in children and its treatment

Cold, throat, nose and ear infections are common with winter, and mothers wonder how I can protect my children from ear infections.

Ear infections are divided into two types of the common types associated with the cold and the second type is inflammation of the middle ear is more disturbing,

and in your life magazine in this article presents the symptoms and methods of treatment and the causes of ear infections in children.

Symptoms: children

children complain of severe pain in the ears:

The baby complains of high fever and severe crying,

especially at night and difficulty in breastfeeding and rampage with touching his hands to his ears in a way that alerts you that they suffer from fever

high temperature to a large degree as well as a loss of appetite and feeling pain during lactation.

– Feeling dizzy in the case of children who walk:

The discharge of abnormal color from the ear and abnormal quantities and may have some blood.

Prevention and treatment of ear infections: children

If the inflammation is in an acute condition, then the drug is treated with antibiotics, especially those with a high concentration of fluid in the ear.

Some vaccines, such as the vaccine that protects against respiratory diseases or the flu vaccine,

can be given to children who frequently suffer from otitis. Of flu five times a year,

as flu always affects children in the winter, followed by an increased risk of otitis media. These vaccines can be safely administered to your child.

the reasons:

– Gender: As males get more ear infection than females and the cause is unknown.

– Genetics.

– Allergies and weak immunity.

– Passive smoking ie smoking a parent.

– Breastfeeding, which may be due to the possibility of microbial infection and because natural milk increases the children’s immunity.

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