Lazy eye in children Causes and methods of treatment

Laziness of the eye is one of the few diseases of the eye spread among children,

but you must expedite the treatment, where the disease leads to functional paralysis in the eye,

which makes it difficult to grow the correct central vision in the affected eye,

and laziness may leave a lot of negative effects on the eye if left without treatment,

where the brain is used to receive vision from the eye only sound, and ignore the visual image coming from the affected eye because of the lack of clarity, resulting in lazy eye.

– Madam gives you the causes of eye pixel injury in children and methods of treatment:

-the reasons:  children

– Pixel eye injury is due to several reasons, including the injury of strabismus, or neglect to treat eye injuries or other eye diseases such as shortness or farsightedness.


-Laziness of the eye appears at the age of six and parents can easily notice the symptoms of this disease:

– Eye strain.
– General weakness in visual acuity.
-Tighten the child to his eye or close it completely when he wants to see something.

-Methods of Treatment: children

– Visual workouts:

These optics allow the eyes to work together at the same pace, forcing the brain to see the lazy eye. On vision.

– Industrial Medical Lenses:

The doctor recommends wearing prosthetic contact lenses and these lenses are designed to block vision from the healthy eye, which leads to the activation of the eye affected by laziness

takes into account in the design of those lenses to be very close to the color of the other eye.

Atropine Drops

This drop is used instead of medical contact lenses or industrial lenses.

Atropine drops are used by placing one drop in the healthy eye daily.

– Medical Glasses:

If a child’s eye pixel injury is caused by a severe case of nearsightedness or farsightedness,

laziness can be treated by wearing glasses or contact lenses.

– Surgery: children

Surgery is the best way to treat laziness of the eye caused by eye diseases, such as amblyopia,

surgery corrects the deficiencies in the eye muscle, which causes strabismus,

which makes the eyes focus together and thus leads to better vision.

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