Increased salts in a children symptoms and how to treat

Many children suffer from increased salts in their bodies, but many do not know that increased salts come in the urine, salts are nutrients found in the food eaten by your children is very important to control the body and its vital processes, but increasing them lead to many problems.

Among the most important foods such as meat and legumes to contain urea and increased intake causes gout,

mango, tomatoes, strawberries, and spinach are rich in phosphate and oxalate salts.

Your life journal offers you the symptoms and treatment of increasing your child’s salts.

– Symptoms of salts: children

– Pain when urinating.

Difficulty urinating.

– Renal colic due to enlarged kidney or ureter either in the side or in the back.

– Colic bladder.

– Nausea and vomiting.

Increased salts in a children symptoms and how to treat


– If it continues too much obstruction in the urinary tract and the patient can not urinate with a feeling of severe pain.

– Bedwetting during the night after it stops.
– The treatment of salts:
– The analysis first to find out the type of salts.

– Depending on the type of salts treatment depends on the change of the center of acid salts in alkaline medium and alkaline in acidic medium.

– Prevention of salts:

– Not to increase the number of foods containing salt in excess of the quantity required for the body.

– Drink plenty of water, including at least 4 cups for children under three and 6 cups for children between the third and seventh, and at least 8 cups for those who are larger.

If urination is difficult or urine is dark, see a doctor

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