Important Tips for Dealing with a Zombie child

You may notice that your child is lazy and unwilling to do anything or postpone duties and tasks until after a while,

so if your child is not experiencing temporary psychological feelings to do so,

here you must stop and caution so that the child does not get used to laziness

always postponed important requirements You may not tolerate delays.

So what are the tips that help me to deal by raising my child idle or lazy?

time management

Parenting specialists advise parents to organize the child’s time,

and help them to divide their duties by setting specific times for their daily and routine activities, so as not to interfere with their right to leisure, play, and hobbies.

define the priorities

Parents should teach the child to choose his priorities, start the work according to the sequence of importance, and calculate the time assumed for each work and not exceeded,

and often contradict the child’s thinking with the thinking of the parent’s priorities, so parents are supposed to explain to their children the reasons that led to work in the priority area,

Parents understand the child’s age.


It is not possible to discover the character of the child before entering school because he is free from responsibilities and seriousness, but the stage of study and duties imposed on him daily,

reveals whether it is slow or fast or normal in the completion of what is required of him, if the child’s behavior revealed idle and laziness and not perform what is required of him

Then you must get used to a certain routine to avoid a lot of problems during the performance of homework, and give him more time to accomplish his duties,

and call him to go to sleep early to get up on time and finish his morning, to go to school activities.

When returning from school, he is asked to put his shoes in the designated place, make sure he is clean and tidy,

then have dinner and talk to him about what he has accomplished during the day while leaving the space for him to entertain and play and then sleep on schedule,

and this is different from the holidays. It’s okay to break the routine and increase the time devoted to playing and entertainment.

Ways to motivate the child to increase the production process:

– The is required to prioritize his tasks and write them down on paper attached to his wardrobe or placed on his desk.

– Discuss in the time it took to complete his work.

– Provide a reward for when he succeeded in completing a work within the deadline.

– Not to focus on the problem of inactivity so as not to be disappointed, believing it is a problem that has no solution.

– Enhancing the spirit of responsibility of the child through the delivery of tasks commensurate with his abilities and taking into account the age of the child.

– Accustoming the child to exercise to activate his physical, intellectual and psychological abilities.

– Determine the times of sitting in front of the TV or the Internet and avoid child addiction to electronic games,

as they may cause physical inactivity and mental laziness.

Difficulties preventing the child from organizing his time:

– Lack of clarity of priorities in the life of the child.

– Inability to perform several tasks and roles at the same time.

– The lack of interest in parents to guide the child makes him face situations and events in random ways

may be exposed to embarrassment in the future.


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