How to overcome breastfeeding problems

Breastfeeding is a close relationship between the mother and her baby. It strengthens the bonds between her and her baby. It also protects the mother from breast and ovarian cancer.

It also protects the baby by giving him natural immunity when she takes breast milk from the first hours of breastfeeding. However, some problems may occur during breastfeeding. ,

And we’ll try to identify some of these issues and ways to resolve them:

  Congestion and inflammation of the breast

As a result of bacterial infection which causes the breastfeeding mother to rise above 38 degrees, here should consult a doctor immediately to give the mother an appropriate antipyretic (paracetamol),

antibiotics and treatment of germs and fungi, but do not need to prevent breastfeeding or suction milk until the situation eases .. Doctor or breastfeeding counselor.

(Cracked) Nipples:

As a result of breastfeeding after the first week of birth, or some small wounds,

which leads to severe pain due to the presence of a small wound in the nipple leading to bacterial infection,

you should ask your doctor to prescribe anti-congestion appropriate to the situation and the application of creams

topical soothing with the application of compresses between each feeding With a sterile cotton swab and warm water (this procedure is necessary).

 Congestion of breasts after birth

This happens during the beginning of lactation since most women do not prepare breasts for breastfeeding before birth,

so massage the breasts and nipples with olive oil or soothing creams such as panthenol.

 Abstinence from breastfeeding

Never mind because of its many benefits in restoring the shape of the body and breasts to life-size, as well as to prevent breast and ovarian cancer

Just ask and consult your family doctor or breastfeeding counselor.

 Pain may develop and a breast abscess occurs

As a result of neglect of the situation and not to take the advice of a doctor or counselor, here the patient needs some antibiotics and analgesics (prescription),

and should be suctioned milk from the infected breast by suction and can continue to feed the baby from the other breasts .. (under the supervision of medical and therapeutic).

In the end, it is best to prepare for breastfeeding from the months of pregnancy,

with beneficial nutrition and healthy meals, as well as wearing a bra or pure cotton bras.

You should not wear items made of synthetic fibers, massage breasts with olive oil and soothing creams such as panthenol, care for personal hygiene, wear comfortable cotton clothes,

and consult your own doctor is necessary when any health problem occurs, but do not prevent breastfeeding, especially if you are a mother for the first time.

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