How strongest bones of my child since childhood?

Having strong bones means a healthy growth of the child with a strong body that can withstand injuries and bruises from a young age.

It also positively affects the child’s psyche and increases his self-confidence and ability to move and move freely and without fear.

Therefore, it is necessary to be careful to maintain the strength of bones The child from the beginning of pregnancy until he becomes a man responsible for his condition.

How strongest bones of my child since childhood?


Also, care must be taken to form the bones of children on a sound basis,

for example,

it is advisable to avoid taking medications during pregnancy, child

as they enter into the general composition of the child and occupy the place of deposition of calcium in the bones of the fetus,

this later causes the problems of bone softening in the child or the occurrence of some deformities,

Pregnancy adversely affects the growth cartilages found at the end of each bone in the fetus that is responsible for bone formation.

This article provides you with the most important techniques to strengthen your baby’s bones from a young age.

– Calcium and vitamin D:child

There are many foods rich in calcium and vitamin D that are necessary to build bones

teeth in children where a child aged between one and three years need about 500 mg of calcium per day,

while children between the ages of 4 to 8 years are It needs 800 mg of calcium.

It is also necessary that the child gets enough vitamin D,

which helps in the absorption of calcium easily,

but the amount of vitamin D that the child needs a day should not be less than 400 units and increase as the child’s age.

– Proper nutrition: child

There is a lot of advice that every mother should take into account in order to maintain the strength of the bones of her child

perhaps the most important is proper nutrition and eating large quantities of foods beneficial to the body of children such as milk, eggs, cheeses, and nuts,

with the need to avoid ready foods that contain preservatives and high calories It is also recommended to provide the wheat mixture with natural honey and warm milk is a wonderful meal that provides the child body with many benefits that help in the growth of his body and strengthen his bones.

– Sun rays :

The child should be constantly exposed to sunlight in order to acquire as much vitamin D as it is the main source of this vitamin but without excessive so as not to damage the child’s skin due to strong sunlight.

– Lead Material:child

It is important for pregnant women to avoid contaminants and lead-containing substances because they pose a significant risk to the development of the fetal bones and replace calcium.

It also poses a high risk to the baby’s teeth later,

and also avoid exposure to car exhaust during pregnancy and stay away from smoking as well.

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