How do you teach your child to wake up early?

The task of waking your child in the morning may require a lot of effort due to the lack of resistance of the child’s desire to sleep,

and many mothers want to find effective ways to be able to wake children in the morning effortlessly for her child to start an active day to enable him to carry out his school assignments.

This article provides some tips to help you wake up your child in the morning without much effort.

Take responsibility

Modern education scientists consider waking the child from his sleep after being alerted when he wakes up directly as evidence of the child’s responsibility,

so you should strengthen your child’s responsibility in various things in order to help yourself to wake him in the morning to go to school.

How do you teach your child to wake up early?

child to wake up

early sleep

It is important that your child goes to his room early in the evening to sleep until he wakes up early, so make sure you take your baby to his bed early to enable him to wake up early.

Planning today

You have to make your child plan his own day in order to instill regularity and collaborate with him in the implementation of his schedule seriously,

let him determine the appropriate time to sleep, wake up and eat, meals and teeth washing to carry out what was planned.

Wake up alert

Call on your child while the curtains are open and turn on the light until he or she wakes up. When this is the case, you can alert him to what to do and the consequences of being late.

Alarm clock

If the alarm is close to the baby, he or she will be able to close it and go back to sleep again.

Then, keep the alarm away from your baby during sleep until he wakes up, closes the alarm, and prepares for his new day.


Reward your baby if he wakes up early by buying a new toy, increasing leisure time or taking him to a walk.


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