Health tips to care for your child’s feet

Every mother wants to give all the child’s feet, Vtqblh and feel the euphoria of motherhood and caressing his feet, feet of children soft and growing increasingly over time, you have to take care of the child’s feet from the first months.

Here are some health tips to take care of your child’s feet:

– Start walking:

It is not advised to wear medical shoes because the sole is solid, and wearing solid shoes in early childhood is harmful to the growth of the foot,

because it prevents the muscles of the child in the developmental stage of strengthening and balance in the foot and leg,

and solid shoes that support the foot used if the child has a problem in the foot Such as diseases of the muscles or nerves.

– Protect the foot from harmful surfaces: child’s feet

Educating a child barefoot is best for the child’s natural growth, but often your child’s feet should be protected from cold or hot surfaces because your child’s feet are sensitive, so it is best to wear shoes with soft feet to protect the foot and be able to bend toes easily.

– Soft wear shoes:

Wearing soft shoes is best for your child’s feet.

– Choose Shoe Type: child’s feet

There is a consensus that soft leather shoes with soft soles are the best thing for the feet to grow the baby’s health healthy, it allows a great deal of movement of the foot, does not reduce the natural contraction of the muscles, and allow the muscles to work and grow gradually, and allow the child’s feet to become stronger and more efficiency.

– Delay in purchasing the first shoe:

Regular shoes should not be bought so that the child can walk efficiently, and for the child ‘s feet to grow normally it should be barefoot or wearing soft sole shoes for as long as possible.

– Replace baby shoes:

Replace your baby’s shoes every time they grow twice a year for the first four years and once a year afterward to complete their growth. Your baby’s foot should be measured regularly to ensure enough space for the foot or toes.

– Do not wear socks and wear open shoes from the back:

Because wearing socks causes slippage, open shoes should be avoided from the back as they do not hold the foot properly and may slip the foot inward leading to deformities in the toes of the future.

– Choose the type of shoes he wears during the summer:

It should be well ventilated and made of natural material to make the footfall off like leather because children’s feet sweat and the child ‘s feet need to be protected from dirty or hot surfaces such as sand so the child should not walk barefoot in the summer.

Don’t worry about flattening your baby’s feet:

All children appear to have flat feet when they start walking, due to the extra weight and flexibility of the joints in the foot and the rest of the body.

Always rub your child’s feet:

And to stimulate the muscles and blood flow to help them grow properly,

and the flow of blood to help them grow properly, and when children start standing

walking can be fun games such as balancing on the toes or picking things and light elements using the toes to strengthen the strength of the feet.

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