Health fundamentals of child rearing

Many mothers are always keen to learn the proper ways of raising child,

they are the mirror of the whole family in the eyes of society and people,

when the child is raised on a sound education find all people talk about his family

praise those who raised him on those proper ways and vice versa in cases of improper education.

Therefore, many mothers make a hard effort in raising a child on sound rules so that future generations can be promising and successful in the future.

Health fundamentals of child rearing


Through this topic, we offer you some sound rules that help you in raising children.

1- Continuous punishment:

Be careful not to punish your childhood when they do not behave to your liking,

many studies have proven that the ongoing punishment causes a lot of side effects that harm child,

especially in the advanced stages of childhood,

where it affects the child’s psyche significantly and makes him lose confidence in himself and it may be forced to lie sometimes to avoid punishment,

and this can cause the childhood to become depressed or fold away from those around them.

2- Urging him to read:

It is important that you bring your child to public libraries when they are able to read

understand their children’s books and novels.

It is possible to have a small library at home with many educational books that help your child learn the good qualities of short storybooks and other books.

Available everywhere.

3. Welcome Guests:

Make sure that your childhood learns some general words such as welcoming guests and some simple words that help him to deal with others with kindness and affection.

For example, teach your child to say thanks or hello,

or please as a method of literature when dealing with others. Make sure to say those words when dealing with Parents and other strangers.

4- Kindness and Softness:

When giving your childhood something,

be sure to look into his eyes as it is necessary not to give the child things beyond his control or give him greater powers of its size,

and the use of packages at appropriate times where the firmness and respect are necessary things that the child must learn at an early age, as well as Kindness, softness,

and love must be used with children at many times to share the feeling of love and to develop emotion between the child and those around him.

Don’t shout at:

Studies have shown that screaming is not a successful punishment method at all.

Creamer in the child is common in a tense atmosphere in the whole house.

And the house where the screaming voices are constantly not considered to be a suitable environment for the child growth

psychological stability may cause a lot of psychological problems for children.


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