Foods that harm a child’s health at school

Nowadays child’s are used to eating harmful, fast-prepared foods that are poor in nutritional value, and the mother is confused to please her children and get proper nutrition.

Foods and sweets that are high in sugar, fats, and salt should not be the dominant foods in your baby’s diet.

What are these foods?

How do we prepare the child to eat healthy foods?

Here are foods that are harmful to your child’s health at school to avoid being served:
– Processed and chilled meat such as Islamic and mortadella.

– Potato chips, biscuits, and candy.

-Corn flex with processed fruit.

– Juice factory and soft drinks.

In childhood, your child is affected by his friends, so let your child eat these foods from time to time and only on certain occasions, such as parties or family gatherings.

It is best to give your child only a small amount of money to spend in the school shop. It won’t hurt, but be careful that your child is eating these things.

Tips for getting your child to eat healthy foods:
Divide healthy foods into three main meals, and introduce them to your child’s diet quietly and intelligently among the foods your child loves, and by providing new and encouraging ideas for the child to eat.

Be careful not to eat unhealthy foods, as they may become prone to obesity.

– Use every opportunity to teach your child to eat healthy foods by introducing healthy foods in Hawwadat before going to sleep, and talk about the benefits and what you did in the health of the child hero of the story of Haddata.

Encourage your child to drink regular water, not soft drinks.

– Juice and processed beverages are not recommended in the healthy diet of the child, prepare the fruit juices yourself at home from fresh fruit and freeze in the refrigerator to take with him the next day to school.

– A small cup of robe or a piece of white cheese equivalent to a meal of milk products.

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