Effect negative behaviors of parents on the child

a child needs care and attention from birth, but it is formed behaviorally, cognitively and physically in the early years of his life,

through the care and attention of his parents, and provide proper nutrition for him to grow his body properly, as well as raising sound education, and teaching correct behavior,

and provide the right example and a good example for him.

The behavior of parents negatively or positively in the child and directly on his mental,

physical and psychological development, where the first years pass and he is attached to his parents, interacts with them and imitate them in most situations, is the model that he sees in front of him,

we find the son imitates his father in what he sees the actions, as well as the daughter That imitates her mother in all her actions.

But there are some behaviors by parents that affect a child’s development and future:

Providing comfort and safety for the child:

Excessive provision of comfort and well-being of the child,

does not train him enough to face the difficulties of working life,

and therefore the child will not be tired and hardship,

or the feeling of need or frustration in some situations,

which makes him unable to be exposed to difficult situations and not be able to act in them.

Training the child to perform certain duties and train him to commit,

and division of tasks among family members avoids the trauma that children receive in the future and makes them devise solutions to the problems they face

 Exaggerating praise and pampering:

Some parents exaggerate the pampering of their children thinking that this behavior will encourage them, and give them self-confidence.

We do not deny the right of the child to encourage and praise for his positive actions,

but exaggerating it is counterproductive in the long-term child. This makes him unable to meet the challenges,

and praise increases the risk of becoming unproductive.

3. Negative comments:

Negative comments and bad descriptions affect the personality of the child,

(you can not – you do not understand – you stupid) and other negative statements and many parents do not pay attention to the seriousness of these behaviors in the lives of their children from a young age,

they contribute to the weakening of their personality and devote these qualities throughout their lives.

4. Parents’ care and over-care:

Parents who are overly careful to protect children find a safe and magical solution to keep them safe from dangers. This is a double-edged sword.

This behavior poses a threat to their physical and mental development and limits the development of their skills, on the other hand, by preventing them from carrying out certain activities,

such as running, playing and starting. With peers.

5. Bow to the child’s requirements:

Meeting the needs of the child in an exaggerated manner, and accustoming him to meet all his requests (candy, toys, devices and tools) no matter how much money we cost,

instill negative qualities in the same child such as selfishness, lack of cooperation, self-love and lack of respect for the needs and desires of others,

in addition to that he will feel shocked in the future when he does not find who meets his requests.

Education needs us to balance what is necessary for life,

unnecessary things, accustoming children to responsibility, sympathy for the needy, solidarity and selfishness, as well as some solutions by the child with the help of parents for emergency family problems,

so that they get used to the difficulties of life,

It refines their personalities and makes their psychological and emotional development safe and sound.

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