children How to treat influenza in children

children -Influenza is a highly contagious disease that is difficult to avoid. Avoiding large groups in public is one way to reduce your children’s risk of contracting the virus, but it is difficult to do so in life, especially if he or she goes to school.

Some flu symptoms that appear on the children

– High body temperature (may contact fever in severe cases).

– Muscle pain.

– Chills (feeling cold then free).

– Headache.

– Feeling debilitated and sleepy.

– Vertigo.

– Anorexia.

– Cough.

– Sore throat

– Leaching and nasal congestion.

– Pain in the ears.

Symptoms persist (from 3-5 days) and cough and debilitation may persist for no other days.

All symptoms disappear completely within two weeks. The disease should not be neglected and may lead to serious complications such as pneumonia, especially in children,

the elderly, those with health problems, and those with weakened immune health.

Some tips to reduce complications

You can follow these tips to combat the worst complications from influenza:

– Let your child drink plenty of fluids to prevent his body from drying up to not get a fever.

– Help him sleep and rest

Have a warm bath to relieve trembling, chills and pain

– Let him wear clothes as wide as cotton pants as he will feel cold and then the warmth and so on.

* Consult your pediatrician so that the disease and complications can be alleviated.

Complications of influenza: children

Severe fever (more than 38 ° C)

Fever with rash

Difficulty breathing or accelerated breathing. children 

· If the skin tends to blue.

Drink plenty of fluids.

Low urination (kidney damage)

Feeling tired and sleepy

· Rejection of food and liquids. children

You must follow the case of the young and not neglected, and patience to do not develop for the worse, and help him to take treatment according to the prescription, and more liquids such as lemon and anise.

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