Children and how to tell them of sexual harassment

ChildrenHarassment is a form of abuse (for young or old – children, girls, and women), the following information may be shocking,

but it must be read so that we can protect our children from that danger.

Harassment Types

Some of them are emotional and psychological abuse,  and also sexual abuse. Perhaps this term (sexual harassment) is new in some societies,

but it is as old as the same act since the beginning of creation, and the phenomenon should not be treated with intimidation, panic, fear or negligence and indifference on the pretext that we are in conservative eastern societies.

Parents often lose the ability to advise their children, or even presumably deal with any sexual harassment that their children may experience. Protecting our young children is the responsibility of the parents they are supposed to protect

They can push the danger away from them.

Here we must clarify the quality of abuse and what it leaves in the same Children or girl so we can remedy it to know how to deal with the risk before it occurs.

Forms of physical abuse

It is the rhythm of a painful effect on the body, felt by the nerve connections through the capillaries spread throughout the body, and transmitted to the mind,

and is associated with psychological pain in addition to direct sensory pain, and is represented in any kind of abuse to the child such as whipping and stuffing his mouth to suffocate ( Mute

And you hit the face. As well as pushing violently and severe shaking, kicking the man, as well as disc, biting, strangulation, hair lifting, burning by cigarettes, boiling water, or other hot things.

All of this leaves marks on the skin in the form of burns or bruises, or the effects of restriction and dissections in various parts of the body, most notably in the face effects of bites and punches.

There are hidden effects, most notably fractures, where there are cartilage parts in the bones of children exposed to fracture as a result of abuse.

Forms of emotional abuse

They all have bad effects on the same behavior and conscience of the child, from the abusive person such as: rejecting and not accepting the individual, insult, intimidation, threat, isolation, exploitation, emotional chill, screaming, unclear behaviors.

 The forms are as follows:

The child’s refusal and not to kiss or embrace the child – lack of reward or negative comments for good behavior. Threaten and scare the child,

and negative comparison with others and minimize them in front of them,

insulting the child as bad, and always make mistakes,

and the name and description of disgraceful names, constantly blaming the child and put him as a scapegoat in any problem that may occur by saying harmful in every situation (you reason), and This type of abuse is often associated with another type of child abuse such as physical or sexual abuse.

Psychological abuse

They include contempt, mockery, or insults, and take other forms that will conquer the child and attack their emotional development, and differentiate in treatment between the child and his brothers or others who share with him in the place as well as ostracism and usurpation of his rights to defend himself, which increases the spirit of hostility and revenge against others.

Forms of sexual abuse

It is defined as any sexual act between a mature human being and a child, and includes the following forms:

1. Child prostitution, caressing, touching and kissing the child’s genitals.

2 – Forcing the child to caress the genitals of a mature human.

3. Exposing the child to sexual practices among adults.

4 – eavesdropping on the child and the pleasure of watching him shame or force him to undress (undressing).

5 – Encouraging children to participate in films, magazines and pornographic sites in the (Internet).

6. Sexual abuse is one of the most serious forms of abuse to which a child is exposed, and its danger lies in its impact until adulthood,

as it remains reminiscent of that child who is sexually abused and is dominated by feelings of depression, embarrassment,

and feelings of shame, as a child, and his situation is no less than if the aggressor was Her sexuality (girl) because that affects her future as well, and more in the direction of marriage and pregnancy and the idea of ​​attachment to men and perhaps even affected the extent of her appetite for life.

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