Children and educational tips make breeding pleasure

Children are a weak human being weak, just like the young plant needs constant care and tenderness and attention, and then an assessment of behavior at the time of need, and not an educational situation enduring experimentation and punishment.

The success of the mother and father in instilling educational values ​​and sound socialization in the hearts of children lies in the understanding of this world,

which seems small but already a complex world, do we review ourselves in our behaviors to teach the Children some educational values?

There are some steps that we must follow as parents in order to properly raise our children:

Love and give to the Children

First, our relationship with our children must become less tense and more tender and intimate than it is now.


To make our children more reassuring and happy without compromising the principles upon which we hope to grow up.

Consider their young age

To make our relationship with our children more intimate and affectionate, to remember that we were young, to be attached to them, to take into account their young age, and therefore their abilities to perceive the adult world.

Role models

To be most effective in our impact on our children, to be the best role models for them, where the child imitates in the early stages of the actions of adults.

Know the child’s intellectual trends

To know that the stubbornness of the child tends to test the extent of independence and not a desire to violate.

The style of reward and punishment

The teaching of values, good behaviors, good behavior, and strong morals is achieved when the child, through enjoyment and reward, and not through pain and punishment.

The wishes of the children

We must know that all the wishes of the child are legitimate, and the expression of those wishes sometimes comes wrong or expressed according to the degree of response in a nervous way.

Understand his tendencies and behaviors

To learn how to understand his behavior and backgrounds for what they really are, so that we can deal positively with him.

Child behavior disorder

Finally, we must know that every disorder in the behavior of the child is due to a disorder in the satisfaction of educational needs.

The world of childhood is full of secrets that we must learn to make our children psychologically and physically healthy.

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