child The best ways to avoid getting flu

the child has the flu, keep in mind that there are similarities between common flu symptoms and common cold symptoms,

but flu symptoms are usually more severe than the common symptoms of sore throat, runny nose, and sneezing.

Influenza symptoms usually begin about two days after being attacked.

Symptoms of influenza include:

Fever, muscle pain, chills,

headaches, extreme fatigue, and sleepiness – dizziness – loss of appetite – cough – sore throat – severe cold and nasal congestion – the amount of sputum – pain in the ears – obstruction of the airways, and difficulty breathing.

As a mother, you should be aware that children who are infected with influenza need special medical treatment with a focus on alleviating symptoms.

Some children with chronic diseases, such as asthma,

diabetes or children under two years of age may become ill due to influenza and are therefore more likely to have complications.

Sometimes a child with influenza needs to be admitted to a hospital where he is given special medications and is supported by special respiratory devices.

If the child has had severe flu before, the doctor may prescribe an antiviral drug.

This may reduce the duration of the disease by one or two days and prevent new complications.

Methods of infection and spread of the disease:

Coughing and sneezing in locked public places (workplaces, classrooms, transportation, unventilated rooms) mean that there is a high probability of spreading the virus.

Patients infected with the influenza virus transmit the infection one day after they feel symptoms and until the symptoms disappear completely.

 There are some ways to avoid injury, especially for young people:

Make sure that your child regularly rinses his hands with soap, especially after using the toilet, after coughing or sneezing and before eating.

Encourage your child to cover his mouth and nose with a tissue or through his arms and hands when coughing or sneezing.

When your child is using napkins, make sure they get rid of them in the trash immediately after using them.

Make sure to wash all cups and utensils with sterilizers and dry them afterward.

Ventilate the place (house) and wipe the surfaces and handles,

and everything that touches the patient with a cloth dampened with disinfectant Caldetol.

The sick child sleeps in a separate room so that the infection does not spread among his brothers.

Clean your baby’s body with a cotton swab dampened with alcohol.

This can reduce fever and fever, and even see a doctor.


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