Child nutrition in preschool Get to know her

There is no doubt that the child generally needs a healthy integrated diet, which contains vegetables, fruits,

and proteins necessary for the growth of his body,

and provide the energy necessary for his activity and strengthen his immunity.

Pre-school children also need a healthy,

a balanced diet, where their physical activity increases as well as the growth of their bodies and minds.

The scientists and specialists in the field of healthy nutrition, the importance of healthy nutrition integrated elements, which is needed by a preschool child, to prevent many diseases such as obesity,

pressure, and diabetes in this early stage of life

Healthy and integrated nutrition for preschool children:

– Fresh vegetables and fruits.

– Protein-rich foods such as chicken, lean meat, fish, beans and lentils.

– Foods were rich in calcium, iron, and vitamins such as milk,

white beans, cauliflower and potatoes, cheddar cheese, yogurt, orange juice and lemon.

– Nuts, peanut butter, beans, spinach, and strawberries.

You can consult your doctor about the best nutrition for your child’s health.

There are some foods to keep away from:

At this early stage of life, you should stay away from supplying foods with artificial colors, preservatives (dangerous for the child’s brain formation), high-calorie foods with no nutritional value,

and foods rich in sugar and salt.

Avoid over-processed foods such as soda, abnormal juices,

sweets, and chips, and make up for it by giving it fresh fruit.

Planning for a healthy pregnancy: As mentioned earlier,

decisions made since planning pregnancy and childbirth have a later impact on the degree of health of children,

so be careful to avoid the practice of some habits that may affect the health of the child during pregnancy, such as drinking alcohol or smoking

Care should also be taken to supplement food containing folic acid (English: Folic acid) to prevent the occurrence of some abnormalities in the fetus.


Breast milk contains all the natural nutrients the baby needs, so be careful to try to feed the baby through breastfeeding as much as possible, and breastfeeding helps to strengthen and strengthen the relationship between the mother and her baby.

Provision of natural food:

As your child ages and starts eating solid foods,

make sure to provide a portion of healthy and integrated food, and avoid processed foods full of sugar, calories, and unhealthy fats.

Build strong bones, strong physical structure,

help fight various diseases and health problems, and make sure that diets contain all the vitamins necessary for a child’s health

If the child does not get the right amounts of these vitamins from the food can resort to the use of some supplements, after consulting a doctor.


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