child Facts about proper and quiet sleep of child

child Often, women from their mothers may inherit some facts about raising

caring for the child that makes them deal with them in unhealthy ways, which tires them and hurts the baby healthily.

One of the facts that mothers inherit from each other is some advice about child sleep.

In this article,

presents correcting some facts that mothers inherit from each other about babies’ sleep so that your baby can enjoy a restful sleep while resting from tiring things that do not affect the baby’s sleep.


Sleep at night

You may have heard about the information that a child should sleep at night when he is 12 weeks old. That information is great but wrong. A child who consumes protein consistently and in certain quantities may sleep at night when he is 12 weeks old, but not always. He won’t sleep next month at night, so don’t take care of that.


A medical study has shown that 60,000 children get hurt by sleeping next to domestic animals, so keep your baby away from the pet’s home.

Waking up at night

The wrong information says that waking the child at night may cause difficulty in waking up early,

but it is true that if the child wakes up at night, the day will continue to be tired and will not be able to sleep calmly and comfortably,

so you have to make your baby sleep early in the next night in order to enjoy a quiet sleep He wakes up naturally in the morning.


It says that eating a baby pill and cereals helps to sleep at night comfortably, but on the contrary, cereals,

and cerelac contains a percentage of calories that give the child activity

the energy that increases his desire to stay up and play, and if the child sleep after eating those pills increases weight, which means there is no connection between quiet sleep and eating cereals and cerelac.


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