Child and protection from infectious diseases in school

Child – The start of the new school year has become necessary to sensitize Children to the need to pay attention to their personal hygiene to avoid infectious diseases that can be transmitted to them in the classroom as a result of poor ventilation.

Your life magazine offers a range of tips to help protect your child from infections that are transmitted when they go to school.

Drink water

Make sure your child is aware of the importance of drinking a large amount of water daily so that you can protect him from infection in the case of mixing with a person with an infectious disease,

because of the ability of water to clean the body and protect it from infectious diseases.

Cleanliness of personal items

The most important reason to protect against exposure in the classroom is to take care of your child’s personal hygiene.

You can help your child to clean his or her school and personal items by introducing them to clean them with wet wipes or washing with soap and water to avoid infectious diseases.

Foods and drinks

Make sure to prepare a nutritious meal for your child to eat at school instead of eating preservatives that make them weaken the immune system. Make sure that this meal contains the fruit of your child’s favorite to avoid eating candy manufactured.

Water bottles

Give a bottle of water to your child to drink water when thirsty so that he does not resort to drinking water from the bottles of classmates.

Wet wipes for sterilization

You should provide your baby with a bag of sterilized wet wipes to wipe his or her handkerchief between classes, and advise him to use the wipes to cover his nose and mouth during sneezing.

Avoid the infected person

Advise your child to avoid sitting next to a person with an infectious disease until they are ill.


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