Child and maintain health at home

child –  The mother is more than dealing with the child all the time, and it bears the injury and pain, and it is necessary to monitor the child when playing at home to maintain health against accidents and injuries.

Here are some tips to keep your child safe at home:

– Install safety covers on your toilet seat, leaving no stagnant water in the tub or bulky utensils, and never leave your child unattended in the bathtub even for a short time.

– Do not allow your child to eat food and drink in pots and breakable cups, such as glass.

– Ensure the validity of food, whether ready or prepared at home,

and immediately get rid of all the rotten food when you know this, and not left at home so as not to be eaten by your child.

– Keep electrical connections and devices out of reach of your child as much as possible, with the need to always be careful not to approach the electrical connections when used.

– All surfaces, especially ceramics and marble,

should be kept dry so that the child is not slipped and falling on a solid object.

– Keep furniture that can be climbed away from windows and balconies,

where children are always seeking to climb up and look down, which may put their lives at risk.

– Keep hazardous substances such as household detergents, paint thinners,

cleaning liquids, pesticides and medicines closed. Children always believe that each liquid is placed in a drinkable bottle.

Taking care of children’s health starts from thinking about the desire for pregnancy and childbirth, as all decisions taken at this stage may reflect on the health and safety of children in the future,

and integrated food and physical fitness is one of the most important factors affecting the health of children, so be careful to get Children to have all the nutrients needed for healthy and integrated growth

Children must be involved in a number of different physical activities

care should be taken to protect children from diseases by knowing the types of vaccines needed to protect them and obtaining them in a timely manner.

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