child and how the mother treated him

The child – After the birth is well, parents start to congratulate,

and you have some confusion about how to treat your child , as a first-time mother.

1- a child crying and screaming for the first time:

In the first few minutes, the baby cries out for safety,

start breastfeeding him,

and warm him after he comes out to that vast world for him,

after he let the water bag he was swinging into your belly submerge him with tenderness.

Note that he is breathing from his lungs for the first time,

so he screams, Help him to breathe and the doctor will help you too.

Note that the child’s head has a hole in the top of the head (fontanel) and another in the back of the head.

2- Breastfeeding:

From the first moments Be prepared for breastfeeding, you know the benefit of breastfeeding,

milk the first moment after birth is very important,

it contains immune bodies to benefit the baby, and give immunity during the first six months of birth.

3- Your child is gentle and sensitive:

The child is very sensitive to learn to distinguish your voice and touch quickly and see quickly

although very weak does not occur any fractures,

where the bones are very soft,

try to protect your baby in your lap,

touch him and will recognize you from your smell and then your voice,

until he sees his beautiful eyes

will hint at you after that, And weeps to notice and carry.

4- Feeding the breastfeeding:

You need a lot of nutrients for your health after birth,

and to breastfeed your baby naturally,

you need milk and yogurt, whole bread with rose,

as well as eggs, meat, fish,

and calcium-rich and non-fatty cheeses such as cheese.

And drink water (6-8 cups) daily, in addition to supplements,

recommended by your doctor.

Consult your doctor on how to take care of your food after birth.

5- Baby sleep:

You may notice that your baby eats and then sleeps a lot,

and needs change from time to time,

it grows. Try to sleep when he sleeps until you rest, you also need to calm and rest.

6- Navel:

The baby’s navel falls on its own one week after birth.

Your baby’s body should not be wet in the first week.

It can be enough to wipe the body and folds with a thin cotton towel,

or a piece of sponge, and keep the navel dry until it falls,

then disinfect the place with medical alcohol.

 Consult your doctor on how to keep this place (navel) clean

dry as there are antibiotic ointments that maintain this area.

Finally, communicate with your doctor during this journey with the first days of your child’s life until you pass successfully.


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