breastfeeding for mother Learn about the amazing benefits

Breastfeeding is the best food for a baby, not only to satisfy its hunger but also to its many benefits.

How do ?

Breastfeeding has many benefits:

For the child:

Provide him with healthy and clean food whenever he wants.

Breast milk provides the baby immediately after birth with light milk that suits the baby’s stomach, but it is very beneficial.

It contains milk after birth contains immune bodies, protect the infant from diseases and give him immunity for at least six months, this milk is called the screw (Sarasub) because it strengthens the small.

Breastfeeding protects the baby from many childhood diseases.

Maintains a suitable weight for the child unlike formula milk, which may gain the child excess weight.

Breast milk or breastfeeding makes babies smarter than those who took formula milk.

Breastfeeding helps to develop stronger jaws and teeth.

Breastfeeding strengthens the baby’s senses, creating a kind of psychological comfort between the mother and her baby.

The baby gets used to the smell of his mother, and is strongly associated with them, these feelings make milk flow as soon as the baby wants.

For the mother:

Breastfeeding improves the mother’s mood by secreting milk hormone.

Breastfeeding reduces the chances of breast and uterine cancer.

Breastfeeding reduces the mother’s weight through her lactation effort.

Lactation reduces osteoporosis after menopause.

Breastfeeding helps the uterus to return to normal, and contractions help to heal wounds.

Feeding per day:

The baby is supposed to breastfeed every 3 hours, and every little one is different so don’t compare your baby to the others, so the number of times is between 8 to 12 times a day (within 24 hours).

The reason for this number of feeding times is that breastfeeding milk is easier and faster to digest and this means that the infant will go hungry faster.

But with the third month, the number of times can be reduced to between six and eight times, depending on weaning meals.

The duration of generally takes about 20 minutes for each newborn. Try to breastfeed each time and then put it on the other for milk to flow in both, and when he grows up and be able to breastfeed it will need 5 to 10 minutes per breast.

Initially, immediately after birth, you notice a lack of milk production, but after the first days the milk will flow flowing

In an upcoming article, we’ll walk you through ways to increase milk generation.

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