9 tips to deal with the crying child

The crying of the child in the first two years is a way to express the child’s dissatisfaction with some things such as heat and distress and the desire to play,

but after the completion of the child for the second year the child expresses various expressive tools such as speech and others and has a more independent personality,

if the child remains to solve his problems Crying after two years is a behavioral problem that must be evaluated.

– Your life magazine offers you 9 tips for dealing with the crying of the child.

– Crying for blackmail to change your position on the rejection of the request is not satisfied to blackmail him, and does not give up whatever the reasons

no matter how much crying or long because that is what entrenches him that crying is the most successful means.

– When accepting the child to change the way of crying,

you must reward praise and hugs and kisses between you first and you must talk about his behavior in front of others.

– Ask him when crying to enter his room and think about the reason for crying and calm himself and then comes to you to negotiate.

– Explain to him that he should request the request or reject something he does not want or negotiate with you in a way that suits his age

that crying without reason is for young children only.

– If you categorically reject something and you have your reasons,

you have to find an alternative, if you refused to watch television because the television should not be more than two hours,

for example, has expired two hours,

Or because the program is not suitable for him, you have to find an alternative such as drawing and coloring and enjoying music and so on.

– Do not pressure him Btalatk and demanding more than his ability,

such as forced to study while tired.

– Do not be nervous or reciprocated screaming crying,

but let him cry

leave you to cry and leave your room if you can, but especially if he was at a young age or were tantrums so as not to hurt himself or ruin something.

– Be assertive and deal with certain behaviors to reach your message firmly and do not hesitate,

look in his eyes directly

at the level of his eyes and sitting in front of you or sit on your feet,

ask only once firmly and show your tightness if not implemented

, show the expression of distress and amazement of the behavior of the child to get him the message Behave right.

– Never think that the crying of the child is normal behavior, but must be put on the track.

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