6 negative effects on your child emotional health

child’s emotional health is some behavior of parents with their child may lead to severe psychological and emotional damage and may cause problems such as depression,

stress, anger and lack of self-confidence.

emotional health

You should avoid these negative effects on your child’s emotional health.
Underestimating feelings

Stay away from underestimating, embarrassing,

ignoring, or provoking your child’s feelings because this means that you underestimate his feelings

feel that he is mistaken in them. the love.

Set fixed rules

Failure to set fixed rules and limits for the child makes a mistake in distinguishing between the good

the bad thing and will start to behave badly,

which makes him traumatized when he discovers the rules himself and the limits that did not make them and this would make his self-confidence few.

Mother’s child friend

But it is not right to make you’re your friend in the natural sense. Act and make sure you know and make sure that you can cope well with problems.

negative effects on your child emotional health

child emotional health

Underestimate the husband

Do not underestimate your husband and father in front of your , but the child should see that you respect him and bear him feelings because this may make him understand the love wrong when it matures and completely away from quarreling with your husband in front of the child or threatening to break up because this would increase your child’s anxiety, anxiety, and misconception about the family.

Do not punish your child for age and growth and fools of the needs that come to him as it grows as this will convey to him negative feelings give him a sense of insecurity and will make him rebel to the situation, which leads to follow the wrong actions and behaviors that indicate failure and this is one of the defense methods to He proves to himself that he is independent and can act as he wants.

A true positive love child

Do not make your child feel that you love him because his appearance is beautiful or his performance is high or because of his behavior or the number of friends because if he lost any of this in the future will know that he has lost your love it is correct to let him know that he is loved for himself and because your child regardless of any other factors.

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