6 damages to passive smoking on the child

Many families have one or more smokers sometimes, and there are smokers who know the health damage caused by smoking for them and those around them

there are those who do not know and there is, unfortunately,

those who do not care at all.

As a mother, you should protect your child from secondhand smoke because it causes many health problems

may cause him to smoke and become a smoker as well.

Here are some tips and advice to protect your child from the effects of secondhand smoke:

– The bodies and organs of children are still developing

therefore are still very weak to be able to overcome the risks that affect health negatively,

especially from smoking,

so smoking in the whereabouts of children greatly affects their health

because cigarettes contain a lot of Chemical elements that are harmful to health As children breathe more quickly than adults,

6 damages to passive smoking on the child


it means that inhalation of cigarette smoke is in large quantities.

– Passive smoking significantly affects children with asthma and may make healthy children at a high rate of infection and increase the symptoms that cause it,

especially if the children are less than six years.

– Passive smoking also affects the child’s hearing and ears.

A study conducted on a number of adolescents who do not hear well that most of them have been exposed to secondhand smoke by someone who smokes in the family

it also negatively affects the middle ear.

– You and your spouse should avoid certain actions in order to protect your children from the effects of secondhand smoke,

including trying to quit smoking and if that fails,

the smoker should completely stop smoking in the place where the children are

can go to a room away or stand in The balcony for example.

– Other things that must be taken into account not to smoke in the car even when there is no child in it because the cigarette smoke leaves traces in the car will remain

negatively affect the child and his health.

– If guests come to your home, including smokers,

ask them in a polite way when they want to smoke to go to the balcony of the house so that children are not affected by smoking.

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